KBO League

KBO League: South Korea ’s KBO League brings live baseball back to our lives, which means daily fantasy baseball will receive real money rewards on FanDuel!

The first game on Saturday is 01:00 EST. The official lineup usually leaves one hour before the game time.
The score is the same as we saw in MLB DFS, but FanDuel compresses the starting point to 7. You can start the pitcher as usual, just drop two live athletes, two live athletes and two public service personnel can fill the rest. Your team’s total salary is also $ 100, not $ 35,000.

Some websites that can help you get started include MyKBO Stats and Baseball Reference, and FanGraphs has also created new player pages for KBO players.

We do not have 2019 KBO statistics for foreign players joining the league, but foreigners generally perform well. According to MyKBO Stats, last season, the performance of foreign pitchers was nearly 22% higher than the league average, while the performance of batters was 16% higher.

The following is an overview of starting pitchers tonight, ranked by FanDuel’s salary. The last season’s KBO statistics listed each newbie and his opponent’s 2019 hit statistics. Yes, we have years of parking even on the Korean website Statiz.

Please note that in FanDuel, these pitchers are listed by the name of their team (for example, “SK Start P”), so the name of their team is also included.

LG Twins: The LG Twins have won 7 of the last 10 games. Jung Chan-heon won the ball for the LG Twins tonight. LG Twins strives to maintain stability and win a winning streak in four games at the same time. LG Twins swept SK Wyverns and won. They won in the 9th inning.

Kiwoom Heroes: Kiwoom Heroes has won six wins against LG Twins in the past eight games, including the preseason 3-2 victory two weeks ago. Six of the last seven meetings between the hero and the twin produced only a single digit. Kiwoom Heroes lost to the Samsung Lions in three games, and in the past two games they have lost 13 runs and 19 hits.

The KBO season started last Tuesday, so let’s focus on what happened in the Korean League so far, and suddenly no longer need to attract people’s attention.

Game status: Until the night before, all teams played seven or eight games, with NC Dinos and Lotte Giants leading (6-1), SK Wyverns and KT Wiz in the back (1 to 1). . 6)

Top scorers: Doosan Bears teammates Jose Miguel Fernandez (.517 BA, .562 OBP) and Jin Zaihuan (4 HR, 14 RBI) both ranked first in the league in four major offensive categories.
Top pitchers: Three top league players lead the way-Kiwoom Heroes LHP Eric Jokisch (0.82 ERA and WHIP), Hanwha Eagles RHP Warwick Saupold (1.20 ERA, 0.60 WHIP) and Lotte Giants RHP Dan Striley (1.42 ERA, 0.71 WHIP, 10.66 K / 9).
Big picture: Korean baseball is not a major league-very good. In fact, it is a fascinating and even has a loving term to encapsulate this feeling: “KBO spirit”.

“KBO-ness is a special feeling, you have 7 runs at the bottom of the 8th hole, and close the opponent just to give up 8 runs in a round …. KBO-ness is a glitch-free game , Released from the contract a month later. ”
Bottom line: Major League Baseball is still trying to save its 2020 season, but we are still months away, and countless painful arguments are still far away. Therefore, when we are trapped here, it is best to embrace KBO-ness.

DK: Yes, someone asked, so I had to look back. At the time, ESPN ’s previous ads had about 6,000 followers-so to speak. Now, after ESPN’s announcement, my friend signed in with me today and there are now more than 18,000 people.

Never in my dreams-I think, getting followers is just getting followers, which is never my goal. I just want to distribute information about KBO and alliances. I mean, the fact that 18,000 people now comply with the bill is shocking to me. I like it because it means they are new fans of KBO.

KG: Well, you have conducted many interviews over the years. As you said, few people in this league are experts in English. But this time, you did appear on ESPN. how about it?

DK: Yes, yes. When you say an expert, I always say: “Actually, I’m not an expert. I’m just a fan. By default, he is very impatient and can work on the site for 20 years.” My family just said with a smile “Yes, this is a very niche market.” I’m like “I know it”. Now, suddenly, I am this week, like, “Look at how niche it is. It makes SNL.”