The Last Dance

The Last Dance: In the TV sports environment where the coronavirus pandemic rages, the TV series is undoubtedly the champion: ESPN’s “The Last Dance”, which is a series of ten large-scale championships won by Michael Jordan in the Chicago Bulls (NBA) Documentary, especially at the end.

The dominance of the series in sporting events represents a marketing win for its main character, and he made the sport recognized as the greatest athlete of all time. For example, during a period when there were few sports programs available, the opening episode of the series broke the record of the best ESPN documentary ever, with an audience of 6.1 million, while the previous highest record was 3.6 million for the 2012 show He is still strong in the subsequent episodes.

This is a surprising turning point because Jordan has not received attention since he last played in 2003, although he became the first former player to own a team and the first claimed to have at least $ 1 billion Personal wealth.

For most older generations under 30 and younger generation Z basketball fans, Michael Jordan is best known as the “meme” or Nike brand name. (This meme is synonymous with Jordan. He appeared in public before the rare “Last Dance”. When commenting on Kobe Bryant’s funeral, he cried and joked that he was offering a new meme opportunity. )

“The Last Dance” is changing all this. Just like an album, it originated from Jordan ’s unbeaten sixties of the unbeaten championship series in the 1990s. It is not only the symbol of the GOAT Debate, but also a fabulous management method. . From Jordan.

Bill Simmons is the former ESPN columnist for the series. Bill Simmons, the current editor-in-chief of the sports and pop culture website The Ringer, released the “Last Dance” before the series aired. Designed as a theory of image management.

As the ten parts of the series progressed, critics gradually ignored certain aspects of the story, which were not so flattering for the greatest basketball player ever made by the Jordanian legend.

For example, in an episode of the “Straus House” podcast hosted by NBA reporter Ethan Strauss on May 14, Beckley Mason, guest star of “Blair Che Report”, said, This story is “lack of truth” to some extent. Counted in. “He said that instead of objective sports news, it is better to say” the best storytelling in a fairy tale you grew up with. “

Mason pointed out that Jordan did not play the role of producer in the series, and as Insider reported, Jordan ’s scene appeared to be shot in his home, but in fact he refused to grant the producer access. In addition, series director Jason Hehir told insiders that there is a consensus that Jordan will have the opportunity to respond to the other 105 interviews with this documentary.

(Although Jordan has no production credibility, the series was co-produced with his company Jump 23, and some of its business partners are listed as executive producers, namely Estee Portnoy and CurtisPolk. ESPN confirmed that Jordan is not a project producer.)

Mason (Mason) admitted the prejudice, the latter is a fan of the now retired Seattle SuperSonics, the series was described in the 1996 finals as a loss to Jordan’s Bulls. The documentary “completely eliminated Jordan”, including several major injuries to Orlando Magic members and actual statistics on the effectiveness of supersonic angle Gary Payton in defense. Jordan.

The documentary shows that Jordan mocked Payton for saying that he defended well, but the series statistics show that when Payton protected him, Jordan only shot 36%, averaging 23 points per game, while Payton averaged only 46% and average score . There are 31 of the other three games.

ESPN’s Bomani Jones said on his podcast show on May 12 that “Gary Payton is right” and viewers should not let Jordan “deceive them”. Jones added: “Please note that he did not post any videos” to support his laughter about Peyton’s comments. Jones is not as critical as Mason, but he seems to award the documentary by emphasizing the narrative about what actually happened nearly 25 years ago.

Selectivity is not limited to Jordanian opponents. The series also talked about famous events when he slammed his teammate Steve Kerr in training. In the interview, Jordan and Kerr (now NBA legends)